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We just love sweets!

My fondest childhood memories always include enjoying a sweet treat with my family.  We loved chasing the ice cream truck so we could pick out our favorite character ice cream, or going to the carnival and eating a huge bag of cotton candy.  The joy we felt from these simple sweets is what I crave to bring to all of you!  Our goal is to remind you of all those great childhood memories you experienced, or better yet help you make those memories with you own children.

During this challenging year (2020) we have had to rethink our small business,  Therefore, we are currently only offering services at private events.  Give us a call to see how we can make your birthday party, wedding, or corporate event even more special. We can't wait to bring a small shop to our town of Fort White FL in the future!!!

Stay tuned we have lots more exciting things to share.

~ Adrian & Jesenia Minniefield


Treats for Kids
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